Discover The Secrets of Sound


Dr. Pillai will...

The Secret Sounds That Create Higher Intelligence

The Transformational Sounds Used For Centuries To Achieve HUGE Success

The Sounds You Need To Experience A New Reality

The Power Of Sound

For thousands of years the Yogis and Rabbis have understood the true power of sound...

The Science Of Sound

Influence and Change Realities with Sound and Science...

Miracle Stories

Read the compelling stories of those whose lives have already been impacted by the ancient sounds of creation...


Dr. Pillai answers questions about the history of sound, its true power and the influence it has had throughout time...



Sounds Can Change Your Intelligence...


  • For Centuries people have been successfully using sounds to improve their intelligence, to manifest and to meditate.
  • Scientific studies have shown how certain sounds impact specific areas of the brain leading to increased intelligence, focus and confidence.
  • Studies have proven how sound and vibration creates geometric forms and can transform physical matter from one form to another.



During This Groundbreaking Series Dr. Pillai and Guests Will Share
The 5 Steps To Extracting Power From Sounds


Uncover the mysteries around the power of sound, it’s history and origin within the Jewish & Yogic traditions


Understand the Science behind the Wisdom Gene and how you can activate it within you


Decode the meaning of sounds that can transform your DNA to achieve higher intelligence and success


Identify the power sounds you need to transform every area of your life


Activate these Ancient Sounds to experience a new reality


Experience Profound Shifts
Through The Medium of Sound...


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"The Sounds Given By Dr. Pillai Are Transforming My Life In Every Way..."

I have been practicing some of Dr. Pillai’s mid-brain activation techniques for some time now. When I use these sounds in the mid-brain, I can feel all my attention go to the center of my head as if that’s all that exists. My thoughts shut down, my breathing comes almost to a stop, and I feel a profound sense of mental peace and clarity. The deeper I take the sounds the more I have noticed myself as just an observer of the world around me. The result has been... Read More



"In Just 1 Year, My Life Has Transformed More Than I Could Ever Imagine..."

Working with the secret sound frequencies given to me by Dr. Pillai my life has transformed more in one year than I could ever have imagined. Everything in my life from my business, my relationships and my spirituality have evolved and are continuing to evolve at light speed by working with these sounds. I am amazed at how powerful... Read More